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As soon as I was declared disease free by my mom, Jack show back up. It was like clockwork, I had to laugh. "Oh thank God Toby. I needed my black jeans, a group of us were going out and I wanted to look my best."

"You weren't going to ask me to go?" I knew I couldn't but he never seems to ask me anymore. I saw I look of fear on his face before he wiped it off.

"Honey, I thought you would be too busy and anyhow don't you have class?"

"Yeah Jack, I do." I did had class that evening, and honestly clubs haven't been my scene for a while.


I was happy to be able to get back in the apartment, I had a date to go on and I really wanted my jeans they make my ass look great. I was scared Toby really wanted to go out, that would have been bad. I wouldn't have wanted to cancel with Scott.

So I kissed Toby goodnight, because he had to leave before me for class. I showered and got all dolled up for Scott, I told Scott I would meet him downtown. I didn't want him knowing where Toby and I lived and I didn't want to go all the way to my parents' house to meet him.

I needed to be treated well, and Scott has been taking me out on a few dates and well it time to see what he's got down below. Is he going to be worth me spending this time on? He's more like Toby, fun to hang out with but doesn't really have the wallet for it. At least I think, he might be hiding the fact, I've had guys do that before.

Once I was perfect, my hair and had some eyeliner on. I dressed, I did put an extra set of clothes in a bag just in case I needed them for work tomorrow. I've showered at work before, I have product and stuff in my closet there, that's if I need to. I know I can't come home smelling like sex or Toby will know I've been out on him.

The night was great we started out at the club, it was wonderful. Then we ended back at his place, all was going fine. I was in his lap kissing Scott until he grabbed my hair. "Bitch, you better suck me this time." He looked at me with a smirk.

"I don't take orders." I went to get off of him and he pulled me back.

"I just did, Bitch."

Oh no he didn't, yeah he can flip a switch so can I. "Fine." I kissed his neck.

"I didn't tell you I wanted my neck kissed, suck my cock." And he actually hit me.

"Not without a condom."

"Shit, a picky bitch, fine." He was stupid, he got up and went to get a condom. I was out the door in a second flat.

I didn't need him for a ride, I knew where I was, I had my phone on me and I knew exactly who to call. Because there was no way I was going to be able to hide this from Toby. I took out my phone, oh God it was after two in the morning, he's going to be so pissed at me for waking him. I was sitting in the stairway of the guys building, I'd gone up a level, if he did come looking for me, he wouldn't think to go up.

The phone rang four times and went to voicemail, so I called back. Toby can be a heavy sleeper. "Jack?" Toby said in a very groggy voice.

I had to make it sound like I was scared. "Baby, Toby." I sounded like I was crying, I know I'll really have to put the waterworks on when he comes and gets me.

"Jack, what happen? Where are you?" He sounded concern.

"Will you come get me, please?" I cried. I told him I would be at a coffee shop near. It was perfect timing because there were people going down the stairs so I followed them down and out of the building.

It wasn't long before my dumb jock was walking into the coffee shop with his helmet in hand and bent down in front of me. "Baby, what happen?" As he touched my face, I winced, it did hurt, time for the waterworks.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I was at the club tonight with my friends I swear. Then this guy who has been hitting on me, kept asking me to dance." I could see Toby's face fall but he asked me to continue. "Well, one thing lead to another and I wasn't going to go home with him, but I got a little drunk."

"What happen, Jack?" Toby looked angry.

"We were kissing, and I told him it was time that I needed to get home. He called me a bitch and said that I was a tease and that I was going to suck him first."

"When did he hit you?"

"When I told him I didn't take orders." Toby closed his eyes, I could tell him was trying to control his anger. "That is when I told him I won't without a condom, and when he went to get one, I ran out."

"Where does he live?" Oh shit, I didn't think about that. "Jack, where does this guy live?"

"Baby, no please, just take me home. My face hurts, I'm so sorry. Please take me home." I looked at him with puppy eyes and it worked he put out his hand and I took it. He left some money on the table for my coffee and a tip.

Strapped to his bike was my jacket and helmet, he won't let me ride without a jacket. He helped me into my jacket and gently fixed the strap. That is one thing about Toby he's always sweet no matter how mad he is. I know he's angry with me. He helped me on and then he got on, I plastered myself to him like I always do. He started the bike and off to home we went.

"Do you want me to do or get anything for you Jack?" Toby asked as we were walking in to the apartment.

"No, I want to take a shower and go to bed." I did just want to do that. It had been a long night and I didn't think that Scott was a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. When I got out of the shower Toby was sweet he had my robe sitting on the bathroom sink, I'd only taken a t-shirt and shorts in with me. God why does he have to do that, stupid dumb jock.

I actually came out of the bathroom feeling bad, he was standing at the window looking out but didn't turn around. I walked up and stood behind him. "Did he hurt you any other way?"

"No, when he went to get the condom, I ran and hid." Toby turned and put his arms around me, he pulled my face up and looked at my cheek and eye.

"Let's get some ice on your cheek and try to get a little sleep." He walked over to the fridge and pulled out an ice pack and put it in a thin kitchen towel. I looked at the time it was almost four, Toby had to be up in an hour. We climb into bed and he spooned me, I laid my head on the ice pack. I remember his alarm going off and the heat of his body leaving but I fell back to sleep and didn't wake until my alarm went off.


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I was dragging ass when I came home that night. I was pissed as hell and couldn't do anything about it, because I love Jack. Maybe getting hurt will show him that not every Tom, Dick and Harry is such a great find. But sadly I know Jack, he will claim this has taught him a lesson and then he will be back at it. But again, I love Jack and I know I'm a complete idiot, a fool.

When I walked in Jack was sitting on the couch, the apartment smelled of wonderful food and when he looked up at me from the magazine he was reading he smiled at me. "Honey, you look tired. Baby, I have dinner made, sit and eat. After go take a hot shower and I'll get the bed ready for you." I nodded I didn't have the energy to even say anything and I didn't want to start a fight.

He went full out Jack, Jack does know how to cook but if someone else will do the honors, or just plain take care of him, he will take it. But I sat down at the table and he pulled out of the oven, chicken breast, salad from the fridge and had green beans, potatoes and gravy. He filled a bowl with salad and dressing and give it to me while he was getting the rest dished out on a plate. When he sat down with his too, I told him thank you and ate.

"Toby, I love you." I looked up at him, damn does he know how to break me. I know he will turn back into his normal self probably tomorrow, but this Jack is the Jack I fell in love with.

I reached over and caressed his face, he did do a great job covering the bruise. "I love you too Jack." When I finished, I went off to the bathroom and showered. It was already past eight and I could already pass out that was how tired I was. I don't have much room on the dresser, but after I came out of the bathroom I emptied my pockets of my uniform and placed them on the dresser and put them in the hamper. Jack did have the bed out and made.

"Jack you know you don't disturb me, you can do whatever you want. I think I'll be out in a few minutes anyways." He had almost all the lights off except the one by the couch which was his side of the bed.

"Just get over here Babe." I checked the door before walking to the bed. Habit. Jack turned off the light and snuggled up to me. "Honey." I kind of grunted at him, I was already starting to fall asleep. "Can I kiss you?"

I pull him close and we kissed. He pushed me down on my back, straddles me and continues to kiss. Jack is Jack, I could feel his cock digging into my stomach as he was humping me. He was making me hard and he knew it. He moved down to my nipples. "Let me get a condom Jack and the lube." He came back up before he went any lower and kissed me.

I got up and went over to the dresser, we had to change the location, because my mother open the drawer and was a little shocked. I was out, I forgot, we had used the last one a few days before I got sick. "Shit."

"What's wrong honey?"

"I forgot to buy them. I'm such an idiot."

"I picked up a box today." He said as he got out of bed and went to his bag. He pulled out the box, I rushed him, picking him up and kissing him, and he giggled.

"Jack when was the last time you've been tested?" He looked at me. "When?"

"A month ago."


"Clean, I can show you the print out."

"And with Scott, you didn't fuck him?"

"How did you know his name? And no, I told you when he hit me, I ran. It was going to be the first time."

I started kissing him, I don't know what got into me. I backed him back to the bed. I turned him around, pulled his shorts down and pushed him up on the bed. I could hear the box of condoms smashed in his hand as he landed on it. I opened the lube, lathered his ass and my cock, I didn't wait for him to adjust to me, I started fucking him.

"Oh God, Toby. Oh Shit. Oh God, Oh Shit."


Toby has never been that rough with me and he went bareback with me, I can't believe it. And the asshole didn't even give me the satisfaction of having his cum inside of me, he pulled out. He didn't even stay here after he came. Toby got dressed and left he didn't even say anything.

What was wrong with him and how did he know it was Scott? I got dressed and ran down to the parking area to see if his bike was there, but it wasn't and I know he couldn't hear his phone if I called him or even answer if he could.


I've been suspended from work because of Jack. Actually I shouldn't blame Jack, it's my own damn fault. I'm the one that punched the guy out. I'm a guard in Scott's office building, we actually were getting along great. We would shoot the shit every day we would run into one another, and lately it has been a lot.

We talk about scores and plays, if I happen to have caught them, he knows I don't have cable. He will talk about his dates he has been on, at first he didn't let on that he was into men, but he slipped up and said "he" a couple of times when he was talking about a quote unquote woman. He had never asked me about my dates or anything so I never had brought up Jack yet to let him know that I was gay.

When Scott finally asked me what my type of girl was, I told him, about five-seven, has a penis and an attitude to match. After that Scott didn't hide the fact he was talking about guys he was fucking, but it seemed to be a new one weekly.

I didn't see Scott all day, the day before he said he was taking the new guy he was seeing, out again. He said the new guy has been a cock tease and he was hoping for some action. When we finally ran into one another he was about to walk out for the day and he shook his head at me. So I walked over to him. "What's up?" I asked.

"The fucking cock tease, wouldn't put out last night. Took him to an expensive dinner again and he wouldn't even fucking suck my cock." Scott responded. "So I hit him, the bitch ran out of my apartment." Before I knew what I did, he was on the ground. "What the fuck man?"

He was glad others were out in the hallway and another guard was walking up. "What was his name?"

"Who, the cock tease?" I nodded my head. "Jack." I went to hit him again but the other guard grabbed me. "I want this guard fired, do you hear me?" Scott was looking at the guard that was holding me back.

"Toby, go to my office now." Then I realized it wasn't another guard holding me back, it was my boss.

"Yes Sir." I responded and walked away, I pushed the stairway door open and it hit to wall. I waited in Darren's office for almost twenty minutes before he came in.

"Do you want to say anything?"

"No, I know I'm fired. So what's the point?" I responded. "So thank you for giving me a chance." I went to turn around.

"I didn't say you were fired." Darren responded to me and I turned back around and looked at him. "Suspended yes, fired no, transferred yes and Toby the only opening that I have is pm shift, starting in two weeks."

I still didn't say anything. "Toby, I like you. I'm giving you a second chance, don't screw it up. Suspended no pay for two weeks. Show up here at six-thirty and that is pm, it sucks but until I can find something better for you, it will have to do." He gave me a paper to where my next assignment will be.


Darren laughed, "A few reasons, one, I've wanted to punch that guy for a few years. Two, I reviewed the tape and heard what he said and three, he told me the full name of Jack."

"Question." Darren nodded his head. "Our cameras don't have sound, so how do you know my Jack's name?"

Darren smiled and laughed. "Your father never told you about me, did he?" I looked at him oddly, because my father has never said he knew Darren. "Amazed you don't remember me being at your house, but it has been a long time kid. I was one of your dad's partners." Darren chuckled again. "He hated me, not really but he could never have a private conversation facing me." Again I looked at him oddly. "I can read lips. So after I had you come down here, I went to the nearest computer and pulled up the footage, because I wasn't in the hallway for all of your conversation. Then I went back to him and asked who this Jack was and I knew you have him listened as your I.C.E. contact."

"How did you remember that?"

"Because when I first saw your app, and Jacob told me you were Bill and Betty's kid, I was expecting to see them as your emergency contact but you had this Jack Sullivan. So when I was checking on a job Jacob wants me to take over, I ran into your mother and I asked who this Jack was. The Tobias I knew played football and according to his father back then was going to middle school dances with girls." Darren again chuckled.

He continued. "Toby, don't screw up again because I won't be able to cover your ass. But I'll tell you this, while you're working nights, you can work on that degree and get closer to graduating with a bachelors. Then we can start working on something."

"Yes Sir."


I was fucked, in a sense, no money coming in for a two week period. All because I lost my temper and punched an asshole that Jack was fucking, well not really fucking, teasing apparently.

When I walked in, I don't know what I was thinking, I was tired, physically and mentally. Jack flipped something in me and I don't know what the hell happened. I had to leave, I was afraid of what else I could do. I sat in a coffee shop most of the night after I finally stopped riding around. I had about twenty missed calls from Jack by time I sat down and then when I was sitting at the table my phone was buzzing. "Honey you better stop ignoring her, whatever you two argued about, it can't be that bad, if she's trying to get ahold of you." I nodded my head at the waitress.

I put the money down on the table and picked up the phone as I was walking out. "Hey Hon, I'll be home in about twenty minutes."

"And you expect me to be here when you come?" Jack responded.

"Up to you, Jack." I said dryly.

When I walked in Jack was in bed, pretending to be asleep. So I took my clothes off next to the bed and laid down. I didn't set my alarm, what for, I didn't have work to go to. I fell asleep.


I wasn't going to talk to him, he was home now. It was almost four in the morning, he wasn't going to get any sleep again, and I don't know what he's thinking. I stewed for a minute and fell asleep.

When I woke a few hours later to my alarm, I was warm, which I'm not supposed to be. I don't mean that in a sense, it's always warm, but Toby was still in the bed with me, and he was holding me still sleeping. He's supposed to be at work.

"Toby." I shook him awake, he grunted and rolled over away from me. "Toby, you're late for work."

"I've been suspended, I don't want to go into it now Jack, just go to work." He pulled the covers over his head and I wasn't having any of that.


"If you want to know, call Scott."