my first post

Diary / my first post

It sounded like the perfect holiday – at least at first – just my best friends, Sandy, Lissa and me – Sherry, renting a beach house for a whole week of nothing but sun and fun. Problem was – it was a little more isolated than we would have liked – seeing as there was nothing around for miles. So, at the nearest store we could find, we loaded up on booze, food, snacks and movies and settled in for a quiet week, especially once it started raining cats and dogs the first night we arrived and just wouldn't quit.

So much for sun, but if we played our cards right, we could still have some fun – at least we hoped.

But the real problem was all of us had sex drives that would rival any porn star's. No stranger to random hook-ups, after two, long mind-numbing days of vegging in front of the wide-screen TV we were pretty damn desperate to get laid. And I mean with anyone – some old geezer we spotted out walking his dog in the rain, the grumpy, tired - looking mailman who shuffled to our door, even some uber scruffy dude with a metal detector roaming the beach – every one of them was a candidate by the start of day three.

And wouldn't you know it, peeking out the front of the window, desperate to see a break in the miserable weather, so we could finally spend some time on the beach, I noticed a car pull up next door, with three hot looking guys piling out. Happily shrieking like a maniac, I ran and got my friends. Jumping up and down holding hands in a circle, pointing out the window, I told them the good news – that maybe we wouldn't have to drag out vibrators again tonight, and the fuck fairy was looking out for us.

Well, a girl can dream can't she? Because if there's a fairy just for lost teeth, for pity sake, seems there should be one for important things like getting it on, too.

Now, I just hoped these three hunky looking guys would be willing to help us out, because damn did we ever need some relief.

Not wasting any time, once I noticed they'd gotten all their stuff inside their beach house, I slipped into my tiniest little red and white polka dot bikini that barely covered my great big girls, never mind the lush swell of my ass, since it was just a barely-there stringy thing with strategically placed bits of fabric – then I sauntered next door and knocked. And the guy that answered the door had his eyes shoot open so wide that I wondered if he'd pass out just from looking at me, with the way his gaze had frozen hard on my overflowing big titties, before slowly drinking in the rest of my curves. Cute as could be, with a terrific build, I already knew which one I was planning to hit on.

Playfully twisting my long dark hair around my finger, and acting all helpless, batting my big baby blues, I said to him, "Hi. Just saw you guys pull up, and my friends and I were hoping one of you knew something about televisions, since we're having trouble working ours." Of course he didn't need to know that I'd just messed with the remote till the thing had quit working, or that my japanese pussy was almost dripping as I got an eyeful of the impressive erection he was already rocking in his pale yellow board shorts. Licking my lips, I went on to playfully murmur, "So, we really need you boys to help us out, if you could."

Numbly nodding his head, sending a sexy lock of sandy brown hair over his brow, he called over his shoulder, "Hey Pete, Andy, get out here, we've got company."

And damned if his friends weren't as hot as sin, too, and every bit as cute as they'd appeared when I'd first seen them from the window. And now they were both staring at me just as wide-eyed, their gazes unabashedly raking over my body.

After introducing himself, Blake introduced me first to dark-haired Andy, who was insanely tall, at least six foot six, who I instantly matched with my pretty blonde friend Sandy, who stood close to six feet tall in her bare feet – and then Pete, who was cute, too, but just not as tall as the other two. Fair haired and blue eyed with a killer smile, and equally killer body, I knew that read-headed Lissa, barely five-foot tall in heels, would go absolutely nuts for him.

Beckoning the hunky trio to follow me next door, we ran through the rain till we got safely inside our beach house. And thankfully my friends were now in their bathing suits, too – if you could call them that – seeing as they were so skimpy they were practically standing naked, while the guys ogled the hell out of them, with their junk visibly swelling in their shorts.

Grinning, as the three delectable specimens of manhood I'd just rounded up from next door, stared wide-eyed and open mouthed at the three of us, I imagined our dry spell was about to come to an end, hopefully with a bang.

Keeping up the pretense, I picked up the remote, tried pushing a few buttons and said with the cutest little pout I could muster, "See, it's not working." Then when Blake – my pick for some hot sexy fun – took the remote from my hands and tried pushing a few buttons himself, I ran my hand along his arm nicely muscled arm, doing my best not to moan, as I said, "Oh, where are my manners, you guys want a drink?"

Once all three nodded that they did, I sauntered my plush little ass into the kitchen, soon returning with a tray loaded with bottles and glasses and snacks. And as far as I was concerned, the party was on, and it was time for some fun, and I'm talking the very best kind of fun – kinky naked fun.

Lissa was making the introductions, as I passed around the glasses. And as I'd already been told, my guy's name was Blake, and thankfully he was hung like a horse, at least from what I could tell through his shorts, that were looking uncomfortably tight down in front now.

As we sat around and got comfortable, Pete finally got the TV working again, and naturally all us girls acted grateful as could be. And just as I'd hoped, we were soon sitting nice and tight together. And after a few drinks, and some teasing conversation, Blake had me in his lap, eyes dark with arousal, with a curious finger trailing up high on my thigh. Not quite where I needed him, but at least he was headed in the right direction. My pussy seemed to know he was in the neighborhood though, with how wet he was getting it. Any wetter and I'd slide right off his freaking lap.

Then I noticed Pete, holding Lissa, had turned her face and was sinking his tongue into her mouth. Grinning, with an eyebrow cocked, I nodded my consent and Blake touched his lips to mine before quickly deepening the kiss. And rough fuck this guy knew what he was doing, too. His hands firmly planted on my ass, rubbing me roughly over his erection, he almost had me coming just from the heat of his kiss, never mind the delectable feel of him grinding my wet little pussy on all that man meat. Getting some nice friction going, really getting into sliding myself along the length of him through his shorts, incredible as it was to feel all that long hard goodness toying with my throbbing clit, what I really needed was to get him inside me to help take the burning edge off. My pussy just felt so hot and needy, it wouldn't take much to make me come. And before I knew it, he'd tugged the tie on my bikini top, freeing my big bouncy girls. Throwing my head back with a delighted moan as his mouth began devouring my tingling breasts, I could feel the vibration of him groaning against my flesh, the heat of his tongue rolling around my nipples, as his teeth scraped just hard enough to get me desperately whimpering, nearly getting me off just from the insanely hot feel of his mouth feasting on my tits. And indian fuck me, I thought I'd die, it felt so good to have a man's mouth on me again. My girls tingling hard enough to nearly send me over the edge, desperate to feel him, I snaked my hand into his board shorts and fisted him in my hand. My eyes popping open wide with surprise, talk about a handful, when they were handing out dicks, I think this greedy bastard took two heaping helpings judging from the size of him. And what a lucky girl I was turning out to be – to find a man with such a talented mouth a behemoth of a dick like this.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed everyone else's clothing was disappearing just as fast. All of us more than a little tipsy, our inhibitions seemed to have just vanished. Too horny and desperate to care who was watching, I got down on my knees between Blake's legs and tugged at his shorts till I'd freed the monster he had crammed in there. My eyes popping even wider at my first look at the size of him, and my mouth watering for a taste, I did my best to circle him in my hand as I wrapped my lips around the fat swollen head and sucked him back. Eyes rolling back in my head, damn, he tasted divine – salty-sweet, and so deliciously smooth, thick and long – everything a girl would want in a cock, even with a nice fat glistening drop of pre-come oozing from the tip, that I quickly took care of with the tip of my tongue, cooing with a soft little moan as I savored the delectable taste of him. And I noticed he was breathing pretty hard now, too, his hands fisting in my hair as I licked and sucked at him, really getting him groaning.

Gazing up into the heat in his eyes, sensuously running my tongue along my bottom lip, I whispered, "I'd love to feel you inside me, Blake."

Growling in agreement, he wasted no time in reaching for me, but holding up a finger, I stopped him. Hoping this might happen, I'd strategically scattered a bunch of condoms around the room. And reaching for a packet, I tore it open with my teeth, then after smoothing it down over the length of all that delectably long hard man meat, we were set to go again.

His warm brown eyes nearly black now with arousal, just from watching me handle his cock, his eyes never leaving mine, supporting my thighs on his thickly muscled forearms, spreading me open wide, amazingly, he lifted me right off the floor and dropped me into his lap, expertly impaling me in one go. And yowzers was he ever stretching me hard – hard enough my eyes were nearly watering from the delectable little sting of his big, thick cock filling me up so crazy tight. Not that I was complaining, because, damn, how lucky could a girl get to find a stud like this right next door with the perfect equipment to take care of every last one of my kinky needs.

Side-eyeing my friends going at it, as Blake began to thrust up into me, I saw that Pete had Lissa stripped off and over his face on the other couch, really getting her squealing as he went to town on her pussy, lapping and nipping and sucking like crazy, it seemed he couldn't get enough of her. And my tall friend Sandy was already straddling Andy's hips facing him on a chair, desperately locking lips, getting a nice hard ride, as he cupped her ass, while she merrily pumped up and down on his cock. Seems our boring rainy week was finally coming to an end, thanks to the intervention of these equally horny young bucks. Thank heaven for neighbors, especially hot, studly ones like these, who were so willing to please.

And as gorgeous Blake fucked me good and hard, just as I'd hoped he would, I began to feel the most amazing tingling buzz start firing through my pussy that just wouldn't quit. Desperately digging my nails into his back, I came harder than I even knew I could come, seeing stars flash behind my eyes, I was a little afraid of blacking out as he clutched his big hands around my hips and used my body to ride his cock, till he was filling me up with the hottest, heaviest load of come I think had ever filled a condom, and it was so hot and so full, I swear I could even feel it right through the latex. His head thrown back, he shouted out loud as he lost it, making me realize he probably needed this pretty badly, too.

My friends all groaning nearly as loud, the six of us seemed to climax almost in unison, which I thought was kind of fun – sharing this illicitness with my besties made it feel even more intimate and somehow even hotter.

All of us totally spent, we slid down onto the floor together, doing our best to catch our breath, while flashing each other silly grins. Then Pete reached for the remote again, and after zipping through the channels for a while he chuckled devilishly when he found some down and dirty wife porn for us to enjoy, as we slowly began to recover from our own kinky fun. Nice thing about having a satellite dish, we could find anything from cooking and gardening, the latest blockbusters, to the well-hung duo now on the screen spit-roasting the hell out of a busty blonde who was happily groaning and writhing between them as they fucked the hell out of her from both ends.

Sandy, who'd been desperately tugging her nipples and softly whimpering as she watched the action on screen, obviously inspired from what she was seeing, got up and ran into her room, and soon returned with a few of her favorite sex toys and a great big bottle of lube. And within minutes it seemed the guys were hard again, just looking at the goodies she'd brought to the party. And after lubing himself up, Pete had Lissa bent over the couch ecstatically crying out as he filled her ass with his fat cock and her pussy with a big, long thick purple vibrator – which she seemed to be enjoying the fuck out of – because damn, she was making more noise than the black porn stars.

And just watching them go at it, was getting me so crazy hot again, that my hand went for Blake's cock and I began jerking him off without even thinking of what I was doing. Geez, suddenly I was getting so horny again I could barely stand it, and my poor needy pussy was practically screaming for some action.

Watching me stroke Blake, his tall friend Andy was suggestively wiggling his eyebrows at us, making me wonder what naughty things he had in mind. And before I even knew what he had planned, the four of us were in a kinky little grouping, with me spread on the coffee table with Blake's big, thick cock sliding into my mouth, with Andy behind me, pushing into my ass, while Blake with his head turned, was also busy eating out my friend Sandy on her back on the couch, who was now squealing with delight as the rest of us moaned at the raunchiness of what we were doing. And never having been spit-roasted like this before, I have to say it felt pretty fucking wild to have a fat cock in my mouth and another one buried deep in my ass. And once Lissa came good and hard, Pete looked over and his eyes grew dark as he stroked his fisted cock, since he hadn't had a chance to come again, after getting Lissa off. Then suddenly, before I realized what he was doing, his hands were on my waist, lifting me up and he was sliding beneath me, filling up my pussy good and tight, too.

And I just couldn't stop moaning at the salacious feel of what they were doing to me, it just felt so crazy good and yet so undeniably naughty to be really be getting down and dirty like this, with three big hard men using my body for their pleasure – and of course mine. Eyes rolling back in my head, I now knew what being air-tight felt like, with a big, thick cock filling every hole in my body. It was mind blowing, the delectable heavy feel of having my ass packed tight with big cock, my body being squeezed so deliciously full with my pussy jammed tight, and of course with my mouth overflowing with Blake's thickness sliding over my tongue, it had to be the most sinfully erotic sensation imaginable. And I knew right then and there although I'd never done anything so raunchy, I'd also ever enjoyed anything more. Okay, so maybe it was a little slutty – but wow, who cared how naughty I was behaving, when it felt this amazing to be sexed-up by so many big studly men all at once.

I had no idea when I knocked on the neighbor's door, that they'd be so willing to help us out. But damn, this was even more than I'd ever dreamed of. All of them had me feeling so deliciously full, and desperately tugging on my own nipples only brought me that much closer to climaxing, like I'd never come before.

Then I groaned when I noticed that Lissa and Sandy were excitedly fingering their pussies as they whimpered, eagerly watching us, wondering how much kinkier this set up could get. Seems we'd gotten our wish though, as we came one after the other, with me screaming my satisfaction as my ass flooded to overflowing with Andy's hot seed, before Steve filled my pussy, and then Blake growling deep in his throat, filled my mouth with another impressive load of come. My whole body quivering with the depth of my release, I'd never felt more like a homemade porn movies star than I did right now. Everything I owned dripping with come as I went into a full-body shudder, as the most mind-numbing orgasm I'd ever experienced just refused to quit, rocking me to the tips of my toes as it completely overtook me, getting my poor throbbing pussy tingling harder than a thousand bees stings ever could. Now I just thanked heaven we all promised we were clean so we could do away with the condoms and really get down and dirty, because damn, that sure felt amazing to be taken so wild like that.

And although I'd just taken them all, and somehow survived it, crazy as it seemed, I still knew I wanted more. And thank goodness for all of us, the week was still young, so we knew there'd be lots more kinky fun to come.

Exhausted and spent, we decided we'd just sleep where we were that night, curling up side by side on the floor with pillows and blankets we'd snagged from the beds. Then as I began to yawn, the sweetest thing happened – Blake kissed me so softly, and just hugged me tight till I fell asleep with his big strong arms wrapped around me and my head nestled on his chest. And I've got to say it felt nice just to be held close after the all crazy things we'd done together.

But of course by morning, once we'd had some sleep and gotten something to eat, we were right back at it.

Wasting no time, Blake had me bent over the back of the couch, clutching my hips, plowing into me so insanely hard, while I clung to the fabric for dear life, that I swear I'd never moaned so loud or so long as I came with a rush on his cock, as he filled my needy cunt to overflowing all over again. And I could see the rest were just as busy; Pete was back between Lissa's legs, eating out her pussy and Andy was groaning and giving Sandy the feel of his cock up her ass while fucking her lesbian pussy with one of the longer, thicker dildos, while she happily squealed like a woman possessed. Sandy, I quickly realized, sure did love to squeal whenever she was getting off, and so damn loudly, too. But I noticed Andy didn't seem to mind, clutching her hips hard as he just kept right on riding her ass, growling deep as he filled her.

But in between sessions of raw raunchy sex with our drop dead gorgeous neighbors we enjoyed each other in other ways, too. Turns out Pete and Lissa, both loved to cook, so they whipped us up the most amazing meals, which everyone enjoyed, talking, laughing and just having hours of fun around the table. And we discovered all of us loved to play board games, and cards, too – that no surprise – often turned into strip poker and even more crazy hot fun, when we'd all take turns with the first person to lose their clothes and wind up naked, chasing them around the place, all of us laughing, as we tackled them to the floor, where they'd be held down and either get fucked, eaten out or sucked off cock, depending on their gender. Our own kinky invention, we called Strip Tag. And all of us just loved that game.

Best part was, aside from the amazing sex, over the course of our week together, the six of us actually became good friends as well as a happy little pack of fuck buddies.

When we finally took a break and just sat around and talked we were impressed to discover that Blake was a cop, Pete a firefighter and Andy a paramedic, so they were decent guys that we felt we could trust – even when things got wilder, like when they tied us up and took turns with each of us, which all of us really enjoyed – nothing like a little bondage to mix things up.