I miss you.

Dear Honey, 

I miss you. I miss you a lot.

Hope everything is going well with you. 

Hope you still remember and think about me sometime.

I miss you every single day even I try so hard not to.

The life without you is just empty. 

I know that we will never ever meet again and you already go on with your life. I do so. I keep moving forward. Every parts of my life are going very well. Accept the empty feeling in my heart. Now, I am feeling noting. I am not happy and not sad. It seems like everything is just blank.

I would like to be strong as I keep telling myself I am but I just don't know how.

I often dream about you, about us. It's super hurt when I wake up.

I wish I could erase the memories of us because how much it was beautiful is how much it is hurting me now.

I never regret loving you since it is the best time of my life but it might be better if I could just forget it easily.


Dear honey, I miss you. I miss you a lot...




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